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Baby Milestone Discs

Baby Milestone Discs




Never forget your baby's firsts!


With our Baby Milestone Disc you can create beautiful memories of your baby's firsts, to share with your friends and family, post on social media and keep and treasure forever.


Each set includes 12 lightweight wooden discs, which are engraved on both sides giving you 24 milestones to record. The discs are beautifully packaged and presented with a jute gift bag for storage.


We cut each disc from the lightest weight 3mm wood, so they can be placed beside a sleeping baby without fear of disturbing them! They're even light enough for tiny tots to hold (although please remember, they're not toys so your little one should never be left unsupervised with them).  


Each disc is laser engraved with a "Jungle" animal and the milestone your baby has reached then finished by hand sanding.


Along with the jute gift bag, each set includes 12 double sided discs engraved with the following milestones:

Hello World
1 Week Old
1 Month Old
2 Months Old
3 Months Old
4 Months Old
5 Months Old
6 Months Old
7 Months Old
8 Months Old
9 Months Old
10 Months Old
11 Months Old
1 Year Old
Today I Smiled
Today I Rolled Over
Today I Sat Up
Today I Crawled

Today I Ate Solid Food

Today I Got My First Tooth
Today I Said My First Word
Today I Stood Up 
Today I Walked
My First Christmas


    These discs are not toys. Never leave your child unattended with them.

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