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Bamboo Paddle Boards

Bamboo Paddle Boards




Dual purpose! Are they a recipe book or a chopping board? They're both!

Not only are these fantastic bamboo paddle boards perfect for chopping, they're also laser engraved with tempting cocktail recipes. 


Bamboo is fast growing and therefore a fantastic renewable choice for the eco-concious.


At their longest point, they measure approximately 48cm long and are about 16cm wide.


(Sorry if you were looking for stand up paddle boards.......they're a different thing entirely!)


Please note: Bamboo boards and trays are made using layers of natural bamboo, the density of which can very different in different parts of the board. These changes in density can affect the engraving process and it is not uncommon to have both dark and light engraving in different areas of each board. We believe these alterations add to the character of each board.



    Please wash before first use.

    Hand wash only with hot soapy water, but don't immerse in water and fully dry as soon as possible. 

    Not dishwasher safe. Do not leave wet.

    All sizes are approximate.

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