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These wooden bunting sets are sanded for you to customise if you wish, but we quite like them Scandi style and "raw".

The bunting sets are available in two designs:


Merry Christmas comes with four snowflakes and each letter to spell out Merry Christmas, engraved on "swallow tail" shaped bunting pieces.


Reindeer and Snowflake contains "pennant" shaped bunting pieces (apparently that's what triangles are called in the flag world). You'll receive eight engraved with snowflakes, four reindeer facing left and four facing right.


Each set of bunting is presented in a kraft box with 3m of twine for you to string, but of course you could use your own ribbon if you wish.


Please Note: The intensity of the engraving may vary as wood is a natural substance and the grain can affect the engraving process.


Each piece of bunting is approximately 10cm tall.

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