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Cut Out Lanterns

Cut Out Lanterns




These lanterns have cut out patterns in the top and are a whitewashed grey colour to add some vintage elegance to any room.


The LARGE lantern measures 41cm tall and is 19cm square.

The SMALL lantern measures 27cm tall and is 14cm square. 


Each lantern has a latched door and is engraved with floral images that will look beautiful lit by candles, tealights or even fairy lights!


    Never leave a burning candle unattended.  Please remember not to move your lantern with a lit candle or if the wax is still molten.  Always place on level, heat-resistant surface and keep away from other sources of heat and draughts.

    Suitable for indoor use or covered outdoor use. Whilst stainless steel can be used outside if you decide to leave it out please be aware that as exposure to the elements will eventually spoil the finish.

    All sizes are approximate.

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