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Love Heart Coasters

Love Heart Coasters




Hot Stuff won't damage your surfaces if you use these Love Heart inspired coasters! (See what we did there?!)

These coasters, laser engraved and cut from 6mm Ash Finished MDF, measure about 9.5cm in diameter. To make sure your surfaces are doubly protected we add a cork back and then they're hand lacquered to protect from spills.


The darkness of the engraving depends on the grain of the wood, and each coaster has it's own unique grain pattern, so the pictures are a representation, rather than an exact facsimile of what you'll receive. 


    These coasters have been lacquered to protect the wood, however, you should still mop up spills as soon as possible as, like all wood exposed to liquid, they will eventually mark and deteriorate.

    We don't recommend these for leaving outdoors - they may blow away in the wind and they really won't like getting too wet.


    All sizes are approximate.


    As plywood shows the natural look and grain of the wood, each coaster will be slightly different.


    Due to the nature of wood you may see colour variations.

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