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Personalised Terracotta Trough

Personalised Terracotta Trough




These stunning troughs make a fabulous keepsake!


We laser engrave the trough with your chosen names and date to make a unique gift. We can add names instead of the "Mr & Mrs" shown if you prefer (or of course "Mr & Mr" or "Mrs & Mrs") so each trough is truly personalised.


These troughs are perfect the perfect size for window sills or balconies and, being porous, absorb and distribute moisture evenly throughout the soil, which helps provide the perfect growing conditions for plants.


Please note: Each terracotta pot is individual with its own character. This may include different shades of clay, watermarks and even bumps, bubbles and slight scratches in the terracotta. These are all perfectly normal and add to the beauty of the trough.


The troughs measure approximately 39cm at the top, 34cm at the bottom, and is about 16cm tall. Each trough two drainage holes.


    All sizes are approximate.

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