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Ice and a Slice Bamboo Board

Ice and a Slice Bamboo Board




Chin chin! Time for gin!

Laser engraved with an image of cut lemons and "Ice and a Slice" they're a perfect addition to any gin bar!


Bamboo is fast growing and therefore a fantastic renewable choice for the eco-conscious.


The small board measures approximately 20 cm x 15 cm

The large board measures approximately 30 cm x 22 cm


Both boards are about 1 cm deep and have a finger hole for easy carrying or display.




    Please wash before first use.

    Hand wash only with hot soapy water, but don't immerse in water and towel dry as soon as possible. Allow to fully dry standing up to avoid warping.

    Not dishwasher safe. 

    We recommend that you rub with a mineral/wood oil and a soft, dry cloth to moisturise the board every day for a week or so and then once a month afterwards. 

    All sizes are approximate.

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