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Baby Wardrobe Dividers

Baby Wardrobe Dividers




A perfect gift for new parents!


These "Jungle" wardrobe dividers make it easy to find the perfect outfit. 

Laser engraved and cut from lightweight 3mm wood, then hand sanded to finish, these clothing separators can be hung in the wardrobe without adding extra weight.


Available in two sets, you can choose which dividers you need:


  • Our Newborn Set  includes 3 dividers - Newborn, 0-3 Months and 3-6 Months
  • The Complete Set includes 6 dividers - Newborn, 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months, 6-9 Months, 9-12 Months and 12-18 Months


Approximately 22cm x 9cm

Please note, wood is a natural substance and as such may have knots and grain individual to each divider.

Please remember, they're not toys so your little one should never be left unsupervised with them.


These dividers go well with our baby milestone discs.


    These dividers are not toys.  Never leave your child unattended with them.

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